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Black Simmental Cattle--Breed of Excellence

As MONTANA BREEDERS of BLACK SIMMENTAL CATTLE,  we have learned that simmental cattle  are truly a "BREED OF EXCELLENCE". (See  History and Description of Simmentals  page.) We are now cross breeding with some of the top Angus bulls so that we get the best of both breeds. We raise black simmAngus cattle for sale because they have the genetics to provide cattle producers with calving ease, superior growth, maternal traits, and performance. 

The American Simmental Association measures more traits than any other breed.  Because of this, we are able to provide the most accurate EPDs from calving ease, birth rates, growth potential, maternal traits, and carcass traits. What are EPDs?

Because of the superior performance, tenderness, and marbling, more cattlemen are using simmental cattle all the time.  Simmentals are the type of cattle that will put more dollars in your pockets in the fall.


Black Simmental E103
Our Goal

Our goal at Peck Simmentals [also see  About Us  ] is to provide quality cattle for sale for the purebred breeder, as well as cross breeders and the commercial breeder as well.

We continue to breed for small birth weights, fast growth, and carcass traits so that we can continue to provide the type of cattle that will make a great addition to anyone's breeding program.

Through our selective AI program,  we now have generations of black polled simmental cattle out of such trait leaders as Black Irish Kansas,  Black Mick,  Circle S Leachman 600U, Franchise, GW Lucky Break, Legacy, Gambler, Daume Legend,  Dream On; Triple C Invasion; TNT Jump Start; and SAV Pioneer.

 PS Miss Mick  E103

PS Ms Mick E103 was an Elite award winning cow.  Her sire is Black Irish Kansas and her grand sire is Black Mick

She was a terrific producer.  We have kept two of her daughters,  and both of them have also  produced excellent calves. 

2018 SimmAngus Calves

This years crop of bull calves that we have for sale are out of LBR Sun Up, a son of Hooks Baltic, who is a top producer. These calves also go back to many top producers and multi trait leaders in the Simmental And Angus breeds, and this year's calf crop sure shows it.   These calves are all thick, wide, and mobile, and as a group, the best we have ever raised.

Photos of this years calves will be on our   Bull Calves  page later this fall.  Why not take a look at what we have to offer for next years breeding season. We hope you enjoy them and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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Hooks Baltic

Hooks Baltic B17

Hooks Baltic is a pure bred Simmental and is homozygous black and homozygous polled. He is in the top 1% 0f the breed in YW, Tendernous, and Docility; the top 2% in Marbling; and the top 20% in CE.

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